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Blue Logo Inspiration

Looking for blue logo inspiration? You’ve come to the right place. Browse the best blue logo designs from companies big and small, and learn what blue-color logo combinations work well in your industry. Once you’re inspired, make your own logo with our online logo maker!

  • Depth
  • Stability
  • Trust
  • Loyalty
  • Wisdom
  • Confidence
  • Intelligence
  • Tranquility

Popular blue logo color combinations

Blue & Turquoise Logos

Blue and turquoise logos evoke feelings of intelligence, confidence, and trust.

Blue & Pink Logos

Blue and pink logos evoke feelings of strength, reliability, and trust. Flickr is great example of a company that uses this logo color combination.

Blue & White Logos

Blue and white logos evoke feelings of trust, safety, and tranquility. Ford and General Electric are great examples of companies that use this logo color combination.

Blue logos are often seen in these industries:




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