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2 out of 5

Pricing for online logo makers varies by provider and package. Free options exist, but you'll only get low-resolution PNGs. While professional logo packages cost money, they're still a relatively cheap option for what you get.


2 out of 5

The best part about online logo makers is they can create multiple logo options for you in minutes. It's up to you how much time you want to spend on customization, and some companies even provide extra design support depending on the package you choose.


4 out of 5

Not all online logo makers are created equal. Some can generate options that look like clip art as opposed to a well-crafted logo, so do your research and choose carefully. Take a look at a few options below.

Pros and cons of online logo makers


Why you should

  • +Low cost

    For a start-to-finish design service, the prices are fantastic. Compared to many other options, this is the best bang for your buck.

  • +Fast

    The time to make a logo can range from minutes to hours, rather than days to weeks. Using pre-made elements like fonts and icons really speeds up the process.

  • +Good quality for paid versions

    Services and packages will vary depending on the logo maker you go with, but the good ones will provide hi-res files, including vectors, which are great for scaling your logo across mediums.


Why you shouldn't

  • Need an eye for design

    It's not totally necessary with logo makers that use artificial intelligence, but an eye for design will still be helpful. The end product is up to you, and you can edit it as you see fit.

  • Have to do it yourself

    It’s on you to come up with something that fits your company or brand. Some online logo makers provide personal design help for a small fee if you're stuck.

  • May not turn out exactly as you envisioned

    Some services have limitations and your logo might not turn out exactly as you thought. But don’t fear -- many online logo makers have designers you can consult to tweak your designs.

Four industry-leading online logo makers


$20 Low-resolution logo

$65 High-res package of logos, including vector files

$195 Logo service designed by a professional designer

Logojoy does things a little differently than other logo makers. It takes you through a series of simple questions to create a logo just for you. Cycle through endless design options before finding the right logo, then customize it further with easy-to-use editing tools.

Example logo

Logojoy example logo


Free Low-resolution logo

$59 High-res package of logos, including vector files

$199 Logo service designed by graphic artists

Free Logo Design is an online editor that helps you make a logo. Choose from a variety of templates, or start from scratch by adding pre-made icons and text (you'll need a keen eye for design to create something professional looking).

Example logo

Free Logo Design example logo


Free Low-resolution logo

$34 CAD High-res package of logos, including vector files

This option is similar to Free Logo Design, giving you the control to create something on your own based on a library of elements. You should have a clear vision for how you want your logo to look before jumping in.

Example logo

Online Logo Maker example logo


$2.99/month High-res PNG

$10.99/month High-res package of logos, including vector files

Similar to Logojoy, Tailor Brands takes you through a guided questionnaire to better understand your likes and dislikes, then presents you with logo options. You can choose your favorite and then use their editor to customize it.

Example logo

Tailor Brands example logo

What you'll get

If you choose a free option, you'll get a low-resolution PNG, which isn't great for most of your branding needs. Go for the paid option to get everything you need, including vector files of your logo.

Learn more about file formats

Who it's for

This is a good option for someone who doesn't have a lot of money to spend but needs a high-quality logo. These tools make logo customization easy without having to learn or purchase new software. Having an idea and an eye for design will help you make the most of online logo makers.