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3 out of 5

Pricing can vary significantly depending on how many options you're looking for and the quality of designers you're working with.


4 out of 5

Crowdsourcing is a process that takes time. Designers need to create several logo options, and then you'll have to do some back and forth to finalize your design.


4 out of 5

You'll be working with a community of designers to yield many different logo options. You should be able to find the style you're looking for at a high quality.

Pros and cons of crowdsourcing


Why you should

  • +Many options to choose from

    You'll get a bunch of different options and styles to choose from -- a big plus if you're not sure what direction you want to go.

  • +Not location dependent

    Once you've chosen a designer, you can work with them to provide feedback and tweak designs to your liking.

  • +You can give feedback and refine

    Once you've chosen a designer, you can work with them to provide feedback and tweak designs to your liking.


Why you shouldn't

  • Can be expensive

    Getting logos designed in volume isn't cheap. If you want great quality, you'll need to pay more to see options from mid- and top-level designers.

  • Long process

    The design process can drag out as you wait for logos to roll in. You'll then have to review, make a selection, and then work with someone to make changes.

  • Back-and-forth communication

    Some designers can make changes quickly, while others may be working on several projects or in different time zones. This means you have to stay on top of communication to get the assets you want on time.

The most popular logo crowdsourcing options

99designs logo

To get a logo designed with 99designs, you'll go through a few simple steps: create a project brief, choose a pricing option, receive a bunch of designs, and pick a winner. You can then modify and tweak your logo with the designer you've chosen.

Check out 99designs
DesignCrowd logo

DesignCrowd operates very similarly to 99designs. You create a project and have many designers submit logo options, then choose the one you like best. You can set your price to however much you're willing to spend.

Check out DesignCrowd
DesignHill logo

DesignHill is another option to consider as a crowdsourcing, contest-style design site. It works almost the same way as the previous two sites, with logo designs starting at $99.

Check out DesignHill

What you'll get

You should receive all the production-ready files from the designer you choose to work with, including vector files.

Learn more about file formats

Who it's for

This is a good option if you're looking for someone else to handle the creative side of your logo creation -- in other words, you have a name and idea, but aren't a designer. Crowdsourcing is a relatively cheap option, but the process can take a long time.