Video: #MyLogoStory with Sofie Timkovski of Tiny Backpacks


Tiny Backpacks is a leather goods company that sells backpacks, handbags, wallets, card holders, and more. Founder Sofie Timkovski crafts and stitches every piece by hand with the goal of creating timeless goods that will last for decades.

Sofie works on the business as a part-time passion project and says that finalizing her brand has been another step in making Tiny Backpacks her full-time job. Here’s what she said about designing a logo with Logojoy:

I’ve worked with designers before, and with designers, you have to start with an idea and then they’ll give you options, whereas with Logojoy they present you with options and you get to choose which ones you like up front…I love my logo, and I can’t wait to brand my products with it.

Check out Sofie’s interview and learn more about Tiny Backpacks in this #MyLogoStory video!