Video: #MyLogoStory with Scott Summerhayes of Manifesto Media


When Scott Summerhayes started his company Manifesto Media, he’d already been working as a freelance videographer and cinematographer for years. But he recently embarked on a new adventure: Travelling the world to produce content and tell stories full-time. And so a new brand was born.

Scott says the mountain in his logo communicates a sense of adventure. The font conveys both playfulness and professionalism, and the color is a just-right shade of blue. Here’s what he had to say about designing a logo with Logojoy:

I’m not much of a designer, and I wanted something that I knew was going to look really good and communicate my brand. When I came across Logojoy, it was a godsend because it was so easy.

I was able to go on and create a unique logo, something that looked really beautiful and communicated what I wanted…If you’re in a pinch for time, but you still want something that’s creative and gives you a good business boost, Logojoy is perfect for that.

Check out Scott’s interview and learn more about Manifesto Media in this #MyLogoStory video! You can also follow along with his travels on Instagram.