The Story Behind FeatureMe Will Melt Your Heart


There’s nothing that makes us happier than helping business owners who are truly passionate about what they do. Starting a business is challenging and exhausting, so we aim to make that process a little easier.

After learning about Logojoy client Brandon Veth, it was clear that FeatureMe had an interesting story to tell. We asked Brandon to answer some questions about his business, his experiences, and his inspiration.

What inspired you to start a business?

For FeatureMe co-founder, Taylor, birthdays mean everything. She considers her own birthday a holiday only topped by Christmas. So as her partner I face a certain amount of pressure to create a memorable day.

One year, while Taylor faced a demanding college/work schedule, I decided to celebrate her birthday a bit differently. Instead of buying a utilitarian gift that wasn’t all that fun, or a fun gift she’d soon forget about, I wanted to celebrate Taylor as a person. So I wrote a story.

I wrote the story like Taylor had been featured in a newspaper article celebrating her awesome adventures and accomplishments. I included a fake headline and photographs of her.

When Taylor read the story for the first time tears filled her eyes. She felt important. She felt loved.

She wanted everyone to experience that feeling.

A few years, and a college graduation later, FeatureMe was born.

And we haven’t forgotten our roots — every day we stick to our mission of creating a gift far more meaningful than any other: a gift that spreads love.

What makes your company unique?

We create a gift that is one-of-a-kind, elegant, and meaningful. Our Features are meant to look beautiful but most importantly they tell someone’s story, they celebrate someone. Our logo is very similar, it’s elegant and clearly states that we are a company that writes custom stories. I think its simplicity speaks to our desire for the story to be about you, and not our company or our product.

What are your company values?

Elegant, serious, modern, classy, sophisticated, and minimalist.

What did you love most about Logojoy?

I just stumbled across it and decided to play around on my phone. Within minutes I had logos that were pretty close to what I wanted. After a few iterations I made something I was very happy with. What made me decide to buy it was the variety of logo files you receive. I’ve made logos from scratch in the past. And creating ten or fifteen different files for every scenario is essential and incredibly painful. With Logojoy you receive a package with every version of your logo you will ever need. It has saved me countless hours of frustrating editing.

Final thoughts?

It’s been over a month and I have used my logos countless times. Every time I am so happy I spent the money, but not too much, to have my logo from you. I thought it would just be a temporary logo but I don’t anticipate it going anywhere anytime soon.

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