Swag You Didn’t Know You Could Put Your Logo On


Now that you have your new logo—or maybe you’re still playing with Logojoy’s incredibly fun logo designer —it’s time to think about what you’re going to do with it.

You don’t need to be told that you can put your logo on t-shirts or mugs, but it never hurts to be reminded to think outside of the box. Don’t limit yourself to business cards, window decals, or the banner on your website: theres a whole world out there full of swag to put your logo on. And when you do explore that world, don’t settle for less than the best. Don’t settle for mouse pads, laser pointers, or tiny thumb drives. It’s not so much that these products are out dated, but that they say you are. That’s why the Logojoy team has put together a list of great swag to show people that your brand means business.

Logojoy Logos

A Pocket Stamp

If you’re the kind of small business that mails its products to its clients, make sure your product has your name on it. Stamp your company’s name on the product. Stamp it on the paper its wrapped it. Stamp it on the box itself. Stamp your hand in the process and lose yourself in the possibilities.

This stamp becomes an asset the second you start using it. You can put your memorable logo anywhere and with very little work. Buy a self-inking stamp and you’re ready to go.

logo promo cups

Party Cups

Everyone has a cabinet full of plastic promotional cups. They get pulled out at parties after that one friend demonstrates why you shouldn’t be using your grandma’s crystal. What if the highlight of this episode isn’t the smashing of a good glass tumbler but the unveiling of your groovy color changing promotional cups! Watch your guests amazement when your cups change color! That would be one way to promote yourself and to get ahead of all of the other promotional cups buried in that cabinet.

logo lighter


For bars or cafes, one of the best ways to really get your name passed around is the put it on a lighter. The weirdest conversations with strangers—and the best chance to bring it up to them—can happen when someone asks for a lighter. Lighters are also the fast moving object between people right after pens—something else that any restaurant should have. That multiples the people who get to experience this hot swag to the next degree and that’s responsible advertising.

Logo Jenga


Ok: not every business can put their logo on the minds and hearts of their customers just by stamping the shipping paper or through mood cups. Some brands have to hit you with their logo like, I dunno, like a tower of blocks falling over, smashing to the table and scattering over the floor. If you’re a bar or coffee shop, it’s only natural to have a couple games for your customers to play. Don’t miss out on an easy opportunity to remind new patrons who you are by putting your logo all over them. And who doesn’t like a good game of Jenga?

Logo drone


One of the hottest pieces of swag you can put your logo on is drone. Your parents’ business had swag like keychains. But not you: your swag of choice is a drone because you’re a goddamn Wright brother.

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