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Technology Start-up Logojoy Uses Artificial Intelligence to Provide Accessible and Personalized Graphic Design Services to Entrepreneurs

Canadian-based start-up has generated two million logos and has 550,000 active users since launching in November 2016

TORONTO, May 2017 – Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered logo maker Logojoy is changing the way that small businesses, start-ups, and entrepreneurs approach their graphic design visions and challenges. Logojoy has created a platform that makes graphic design accessible and delightful to the user, acting as their creative partner in developing the primary component of a brand’s visual identity – their logo.

Through leveraging AI and other unique technologies, Logojoy offers customers a guided experience by truly learning and understanding how the user envisions their brand and creates a tailor-made logo based on those specifications. The unique technology developed by Logojoy mimics the process of working with an actual human graphic designer, which sets Logojoy apart from competitors. Customers simply log into Logojoy’s platform, answer a few key questions, select example logos as inspiration and the site will automatically generate logos based on the user’s taste. As the customer narrows down their favourite logos, Logojoy showcases more results until a final logo is selected. The customer can then select a package, ranging from $20 to $165, making their design experience affordable as well as personalized.

“The magic of Logojoy is the groundbreaking algorithm, user-friendly interface, and premium design ingredients,” says Dawson Whitfield, Founder of Logojoy. “Logojoy has close to one thousand design rules built into its algorithm. For example, one of our many rules include ‘thin fonts need to be a darker colour or else they will be difficult to read.’ Beyond that, we have ten times more premium font and graphic selections than our competitors – a vital component to bringing every customers’ visions to life through design.”

On top of creating a personable graphic design experience for users, Logojoy created its technology to cater to the ever-growing, global start-up trend. Per the recent Millennial Economy Report commissioned by EY, 72 per cent of new businesses do not have the funding for graphic design services. Logojoy aims to be the creative solution for 80 per cent of new businesses, giving their start-up off the ground with strong visual representation by assisting them in creating a professional and attractive logo for a minimal investment.

“As a graphic designer, many of my clients were looking for budget solutions for their businesses, so this is when I realized I could help a lot of people in the start-up and SMB spaces with this software – a service that can provide premium design at a fraction of the cost,” says Dawson Whitfield.

To date, Logojoy is making their mission a reality, gaining 550,000 active users and selling 11,000 logos since the company launched in November 2016. Moving into the summer of 2017, Logojoy will be launching new features which allow their technology to be even more intuitive to the user.


For more information and to create your own logo, please visit: logojoy.com.

About Logojoy: Logojoy is an innovative online logo maker founded by Canadian graphic designer Dawson Whitfield. Logojoy is on a mission to bring great design to small businesses at a cost they can get excited about. By using artificial intelligence (AI) and other unique technologies, Logojoy is empowering everyone by partnering with them to bring their vision to life through their created logo. For more information, please visit logojoy.com

For media inquiries, interview requests, and additional information, please contact: Melissa Grosser-Granite, Director of Public Relations, melissa@logojoy.com, 416-294-5499