Infographic: How AI Can Help You Design The Perfect Logo


Getting a logo is one of the first steps an entrepreneur takes to make their business a reality.

When they have the option to create one without hiring a designer, they can speed up the process of building a visual brand and launching a company with confidence.

With the help of artificial intelligence, anyone can use Logojoy’s online logo maker to find inspiration, generate mockups, save favorites, and review and edit options until they find the right fit.

Logo design is subjective — and intriguing! —  but our algorithms have been studying how users interact with our design tools to see what it can learn. The goal of Logojoy’s programming is to understand what common features are in the logos our users love.

With each new version, Logojoy gets smarter; it starts to understand characteristics of font type (modern, futuristic), moods of colors (pastel, vibrant), and the optimal sizing and spacing of features in a layout.

In this logo infographic, you’ll get a sneak peek at a small sample of the many variables Logojoy evaluates when designing logos. You’ll see what layouts, fonts, colors, and symbols are popular with people who take logo design into their own hands.

In other words, this data looks at how millions of users use an online logo maker. We hope some of these insights can help you accelerate the next design project you start!

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