Logojoy Version 2.0 Is Now Live!


It’s official: on June 12, 2017, Logojoy version 2.0 went live! After an amazing first six months, Logojoy has made some big changes. Thanks to feedback from our users, our team of developers has rebuilt our software to optimize the logo-designing experience.

We’ve revamped our website entirely, releasing a tool which is much quicker and more efficient. You can now create a custom logo faster than ever. The improved speed makes for a tool which is smoother, more intuitive, and easier to use, allowing you to generate more logos than you’ll know what to do with. Instead of spending time waiting for logo previews to load, they’re generated as quickly as your phone or computer can manage.

The smaller details of the logo design experience haven’t been ignored, either. Change the color, icon, or font elements of your logo within seconds. Logojoy’s optimized software means that you can see slight alterations of your logo at the snap of your fingers. Using Logojoy, you’re not limited to your imagination. Having so many options visible means that you’ll know what’s perfect for your business at first glance.

Alongside the speed improvements, our developers have updated the code with cutting-edge algorithms. These updates enable the site’s artificial intelligence to better predict and design logos that you’ll love.  The better our algorithms, the better your experience. As you scroll through your logo previews and select favorites, Logojoy will learn what you like and create previews in line with your preferences.

Finally, once you’re happy with your logo, you’ll receive the completed package with all the necessary files immediately. When you’re starting your business, there’s no time to waste.

After six months of helping over 10,000 new businesses get on their feet, we here at Logojoy thought it was time to improve the user experience. We invite you to play around with our new, improved software.

celebrate version 2.0

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