Logojoy: The Fun Online Logo Maker


Ours is the only logo maker that wants to get to know you.

When you sit down to create a new logo, the first step is to have an engaging conversation with a designer. You key this person into what’s going on in your head so they can take those thoughts and expectations and to turn them into a logo you’ll love. It used to be that you could only have this conversation with a designer in person.

You’d spend weeks feeling around your network finding the right designer for you and, after picking someone to work with, it took another few weeks to get the logo you needed months ago. Not only does it cost money to pay a designer for days of work, but that’s time out of your own schedule as well. Working with a traditional designer can be quite the hassle.

Logojoy took the hassle out of making a logo and replaced it with comfort. In the process, we made making a logo fun.

With Logojoy’s automated designer and advanced learning algorithms, you go through a creative brief just by clicking on some great designs that you already love. Pick a few colors and symbols and you’re ready to explore a presentation of unique logos just for you. Its easy to get distracted with new possibilities of colors, fonts, and symbols because the options are endless. Our automated designer finds what you’re looking for and creates it better than you could have possibly described. Every time.

Pick your favorite and play around with the revisions. With a traditional designer, you’re constantly negotiating what you want and with what your designer wants to do. But Logojoy does this differently. Logojoy lets you make revisions on your own and it lets you see how they will look on the final product–and it does this instantly. Logojoy makes it fun to change the symbol or fonts on your logo and to see how these changes look on real life materials like business cards and your website’s banner.

Every logo you make with our automated designer is unique. Test it out: create a wholly different logo than you first made. Or even create a logo for a group chat on Facebook or your Instagram. Make up a whole new brand for a company you’ve always wanted. With Logojoy, its free to imagine what the logo for that bakery you never opened would look like.

As you play with Logojoy, you can see it learn what you want in your logo. It catches on to your preferences before you even know them. This might be the most elegant benefit of working with an automated designer.

If you haven’t already, try out Logojoy’s incredibly fun online logo maker. Not only is it a relief to finally have an affordable logo for your startup or small business, but you might even find yourself having fun while you do. Get to know it and you’ll find that it gets to know you too–no matter who you are.

Create a beautiful and unique logo for your business.