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What Font Styles Should You Choose for Your Logo?

Guest Author,

When thinking about the wording in logo design, it’s often the actual copy that many marketers place priority. Although the copy itself is incredibly important, choosing the right font styles for your logo design can help cement the message you are trying to convey to your target audience.

Our guide below takes a look at numerous font types and what messages they convey, helping you choose the best fit for your brand.

Serif fonts

A timeless classic, serif fonts are associated with tradition and propriety. Fonts like Times New Roman generally incite a positive response to older generations, but businesses targeting a younger crowd should probably choose a different style for their logo. A brand looking to associate itself with timelessness and legacy may want to choose serif for their logo design font.

The National Post is a perfect example of a classic serif font. As a conservative newspaper, their logo evokes trust, confidence, and reputability. You may be surprised to hear that the first issue was actually only released in 1998!


national post serif font


Sans-serif fonts

Sans serif fonts have made a comeback in 2017, with numerous well-known brands, including Calvin Klein, opting for this clean, simple look for their logo design font. Easy to read and neutral by design, this font will mesh well with most shapes and designs that may be included in your branding. Choose this type of font for a futuristic, modern and straight-forward look.

Though once appearing as more of a modern font style, sans-serifs now are more common than serif fonts because of their easy legibility and simple style. Basically, you can’t go wrong!


calvin klein sans serif font


Modern fonts

If luxury and exclusivity are at the top of your branding objectives, exploring modern fonts could be the direction for you. These typefaces often give off a sense of sophistication and complexity, and an overall feel of power, most effective with younger, more hip demographics.

It’s common to see more modern fonts used by businesses who are appealing to a younger demographic. Startups and various mobile app companies will take this route, just like the below example. Ritual is an app that allows you to order food ahead of time, and easily pick it up, all the while accruing points and rewards to use on your purchases. Their logo is smart, sophisticated, and modern, just like their business.

ritual logo modern font

Handwritten fonts

Formal, elegant and feminine. A brand looking to display these kinds of characteristics should use a cursive font, but with extreme caution. Logos are often resized, and this could cause readability issues with handwritten font-based logos. Copy with these fonts should also remain short, as extended cursive text can cause strain on the reader’s eye.

As mentioned above, it takes a certain kind of brand to pull off a handwritten, or cursive font. These types of fonts are playful at heart, but can quickly turn child-like. Make sure that if you’re using a handwritten font for your logo design, that it matches the message you are trying to convey to your target audience.

instagram logo font

Other fonts

Other fonts that do not fit into the aforementioned categories are quite commonplace in logo design, with many businesses opting to have fonts designed specifically for their branding. These typically do not convey simplicity or elegance, but designing a unique font for the specific message you are trying to get across can be quite effective.

The below Disney font is a classic example of this. Often referred to as a display font, their custom font is iconic and fun, pulling into the magical theme of their stories. disney logo custom fontLike with all elements of branding, know who your target market is and what message you are trying to convey to them. Your logo copy is important, but how it is presented can make or break your logo design. Once you’ve decided how you’d like to use fonts to convey your brand, consider creating your own with our free logo maker..