Introducing: Logojoy Brand Guidelines


A logo is a key component to every business and its importance is often overlooked. The logo becomes the visual signature of the business and sets expectations for your brand. It’s often the first thing potential customers see and it becomes how your business is remembered. Ultimately, a logo communicates your business’ ideas, values, and character. Your logo is such a significant component of your business, it’s important to make sure it’s perfect. The last thing you want is to misuse a logo that you’ve put your heart and soul into designing.

That’s where Logojoy’s Brand Guidelines come in. Along with version 2.0, Logojoy recently upgraded the Premium and Enterprise logo packages to include Brand Guidelines. Brand guidelines are an asset to any business owner, and by creating a custom document based on your logo design, Logojoy saves you the trouble of creating your own.

After designing your logo and purchasing either the Premium or Enterprise package, the Brand Guidelines are generated based on the logo you’ve designed. You are then given the opportunity to create a custom URL where you can reach your personalized guidelines. You can also download your business’ guidelines as a PDF, but having the URL is especially useful because it will never be lost and it’s easy to share. The guidelines have been designed with accessibility in mind; they’re clear and easy to understand, while also being comprehensive and complete.

Logojoy’s Brand Guidelines are useful in many different ways. For one, they provide information on the fonts and colors you have selected for your logo so you can use them consistently in other aspects of design and for other branding elements. This can help you to create cohesive branding which will help you and your business look professional and trustworthy. With access to your font names and color codes, you can easily implement the same elements into other aspects of design like your business’ website, e-mail signatures, or business cards.

Logojoy’s Brand Guidelines do more than provide color codes, though. They also provide suggestions on the do’s and don’ts of using your logo. For new business owners, these tips and tricks are more helpful than one might expect. The Brand Guidelines exist to make sure you’re using your logo in the best ways you can, looking its best. The guidelines include tips like how to place logo on top of an image, appropriate ways to crop, the best background colors, and more. For those of us who aren’t designers, the Brand Guidelines make the rules of design clear.

Some people might be skeptical of using artificial intelligence for design because it seems impersonal. Logojoy seeks to provide an easier, more accessible, and overall better experience than working with a human designer. The Brand Guidelines work to bridge the gap between human and machine. They provide a meaningful, human touch to an automated process. The guidelines give suggestions and useful tips that a human designer would. Our intentions are to answer your questions before you have to ask them; Logojoy is a tool you can refer back to throughout your business’ growth.

Our goal is to continue expanding our line of products to be more helpful to new business owners. We’re aiming to give people access to the tools and resources they need to start a successful business. Logojoy wants to empower people to dedicate themselves to their passions and make their dreams a reality. The Brand Guidelines are another effort from us to make it easier for you to get your business up and running.

Create a beautiful and unique logo for your business.