How Kamahl Santamaria Branded Himself as an International Reporter


Maybe more difficult than branding a business, is branding a person. Trying to make a logo which represents ourselves entirely is challenging because it feels so reductive. As difficult as it can be to simplify our personas to just a few components, it’s possible. It’s also very rewarding when you end up with a logo that represents you and totally encapsulates who you are. Despite how hard this process is, it’s worth it.

Not everyone needs a personal logo, but for many it’s an important part of their success. Kamahl Santamaria just recently created a personal logo using Logojoy. As an international reporter, Kamahl needed a logo that was symbolic of his sophistication and his reach. We reached out to Kamahl to ask about his experience, his self-branding, and his inspiration.

What inspired you to start a business?

What I realised is that as an international TV newsreader, I have become a brand. I am part of a business – Al Jazeera English – but within that I needed to do something to stand out and promote my own ‘brand’. That meant a website (thank you Squarespace!) and subsequently I decided a logo to use across my website, business cards, etc would be the next logical step.

What values does your logo express?

I am an international TV news anchor, so a stylised globe conveys that in a simple way. It’s bold, simple, straightforward, and reliable.

Why did you choose Logojoy?

It was easy and low-cost. It also has a simple interface, making it a quick and no-fuss solution.

Contact Kamahl:

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