Here’s How Widn Became the Solution to Every Growing Business’s Problem


The best business ideas come from creating something that people need. Jose Labarthe’s goal with Widn is to help tech businesses expand to the people who need them globally.

Filling a unique need in the tech sector, the Widn team has already helped expand huge companies like Spotify and before starting this new venture.

With a business that promises to help with global expansion and tech innovation, a logo that communicates exploration and expertise is key. We ask Jose to tell us a little more about his business and his experiences.

What inspired you to start a business?

I’m passionate about bringing the best tech innovations to people on emerging and consolidated markets outside the US and Europe.

I believe there’s a huge missed opportunity for tech companies that are not taking advantage of the big needs and wants of these people.

How long have you had this idea for before you started to look for a logo?

We’ve been doing this as independent consultants for years and always wanted to formalize this into a company. Things finally came together so we can do that.

Our logo is an astronaut with a flag conquering a new place. This perfectly illustrates our mission which is to explore new lands and set foot in them. Astronauts are the ultimate explorers and that’s what we want to be.

Why did you choose Logojoy?

Faster times, better pricing, and also I’m a bit of a perfectionist. If I had a designer do the number of changes I did by myself via Logojoy, I think they would’ve gone mad.

It also offered the best product in my opinion. I tried other “do it yourself” platforms but they didn’t really delivered on what they advertised.

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