5 Steps to a Beautiful & Easy Logo Design


Designing a logo doesn’t have to be a complicated process, drawn out over numerous hours and costing you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.

With Logojoy, create a designer-quality logo with the power of artificial intelligence, in five easy steps:

Step One: Style Preference

Choose 5 (or more) logos you like from a predetermined list. This will help our artificial intelligence designer choose the best options for your logo, based on your personal style preferences.

Step Two: Color Selection

Choose the color family that best represents your business. Not sure what to chose? Hover over the colors to see what they mean, and be sure to check out our infographic blog post on color in branding here.

Step Three: Tell Us About Yourself

Let us know the name of your company and, if available, the slogan you would like to include in your branding. DESIGN TIP: If you have a word you would like to emphasize in your design copy, place this in the company name field, and the remaining text in the slogan field, to have your copy spread out over two lines (i.e. “Joe’s Pizza Shop” could put “Joe’s” in the company name field, and “Pizza Shop” in the slogan field).

Step Four: Icons

Want to add imagery to your branding? In this completely optional step, chose up to three icons from our extensive database to add to your logo design.

Step Five: Choose Your Favorite!

At this point, Logojoy will generate numerous designs based on your prior inputs. With so many options to chose for, you are sure to find the design that best represents your brand!

Want to make a slight change? Once you have selected your favorite design, Logojoy gives you the option to customize font, color, icons and placement to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your creation. Select the logo package best suited to your needs, and voila! The logo of your dreams, in five quick and easy steps!

Ready to create a beautiful and easy logo design for your business? Start making a logo!


Create a beautiful and unique logo for your business.