Video: #MyLogoStory with Tehsin Bhayani of Serind Labs


There’s nothing we like more than finding out our customers are happy with their logo, and we’ll do whatever it takes to help them get there. Some of our customers like the service so much, they return time and time again for each new project.

Serind Labs is a Toronto-based design and development agency that builds software like websites, apps, and ecommerce stores for clients. They’re a team of unique, creative designers and developers, collectively possessing all the skills to build beautiful, functional software.

They began using Logojoy in January to create logo for their clients, and save everyone involved time and money. Here’s what founder Tehsin Bhayani said about using Logojoy:

“It’s become an integral part of pretty much every branding project that we do. I think we have some of the best designers, and yes, any one of them can build a logo.

What we’ve realized, though, is that Logojoy nearly matches what they [our designers] are capable of, so they can spend that time towards building the user interface or working alongside the engineers and making sure they have the right animations in place.

It’s because it saves us sort of crucial time in the ideation process. Logojoy basically saves all that of that time, cuts it into a fraction, and that’s why it’s such a valuable tool for us.”

Check out Tehsin’s entire interview and learn more about Serind Labs in our first #MyLogoStory video!