How RadWeld Customs Turns Ideas Into Reality


There is something special about owning a piece that was made just for you. Custom-made pieces are not only unique and one-of-a-kind, but the effort and passion that goes into their creation is always clear and makes them stand out.

Of course, there is a lot of talent and creativity involved in their creation, no matter what’s being made. We love RadWeld Customs: a creative design and fabrication company which started organically through the process of making beautiful pieces as a hobby at home.

Ian and Kendall Crichton are the team behind the scenes. We wanted to get a look into their lives and their business, so we asked Ian a few questions.

What inspired you to start a business?

We have always loved coming up with ideas and seeing them come to life; that is exactly how RadWeld Customs was started. For us, it was a natural process being that they also own Wild Heart Rentals: an eclectic and one of a kind rental business specializing in weddings, photo shoots, store fronts and styling. When we wished we had a specific piece, we made that wish come true all through the process of working together to design and fabricate it specifically for our collection. We have been married for 10 years and have 2 beautiful boys. We believe family comes first and, as a team, all our ventures are a possibility. In our home, creativity is an important part of our lives and RadWeld Customs holds true to that philosophy. Being a family owned and operated business, each piece is created with love and enthusiasm to make that special and custom piece just for you!

What makes RadWeld Customs unique?

RadWeld Customs is unique because we fabricate custom ordered pieces for our customers. If they have a specific size, width, or height we can make a personalized piece exactly for their desired location. We make one of of a kind items using African Mud-cloths or Persian rugs bought through vendors from those specific locations and we use small vendors to spread work through the community and help families just like ours. RadWeld Customs is, what it says, rad furniture that is custom designed!

Why did you choose Logojoy?

Because everything in the company is hand made, through our own designs and hard work. I wanted to display that with my own designed logo. I really enjoyed designing my logo through Logojoy and felt like I had complete control of the process. I also was so happy with the final logos I received in all the different saved files. It made it super easy and functional for me to pass the logo on to other vendors!

What’s next for RadWeld Customs?

I think the greatest part about Radweld Customs is that we never really know what is next. Being a custom design and fabrication firm, we get to work with customers to build their ideas. We are able to make the idea a reality. It is almost like making someone’s dream come true on a creative level and it’s the best thing about the company, by far. Lately, we have been working on bedroom and outdoor furniture, which has been so fun. Designing and fabricating furniture for inside and outside the home is amazing and very rewarding. Accent pieces are fun but when you get to design and create an atmosphere that customers get to socialize and relax in has been a blast. Keep your eye out for the new designs to be on the website and our Instagram soon!

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