Bespoke Confections’ Success Will Make You Tear Up


Some businesses just make your heart feel warm in their very existence. Whether they’re supporting causes by creating inclusive ads or donating to their communities, these businesses really set themselves apart. That’s how Bespoke Confections, founded by Jiliana Dulaney, caught our attention. Jiliana founded a business that contributes to the community in more ways than one. Baking and inclusivity are clearly two of Jiliana’s passions, so we decided to ask her to tell us a little more about how she turned her passions into a business.

What makes your company unique?

Bespoke Confections is a bakery that hires adults with autism. Bespoke is another word for custom – we provide one of a kind creations through our wholesale business model. The logo shows ensō – the incomplete circle means movement and development; something that we believe is important in the lives of our people. The flourish on the side is representative of wheat, the most important part of our business.

What are you company’s values?

Our company values include: movement; development; innovation; structure – all of which are important when working with our people.

Why did you choose Logojoy?

I have some graphic and logo design experience, and have created several logos in the past. I wanted something that was easy to use that would help me to easier develop my vision. The service was also very simple. I liked the basic aesthetic and options and really liked that it allowed me to receive the files quickly, as well as the inclusion of a vector logo file.

Contact Jiliana:

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