5 Tips for Designing a Logo That Pops in Videos

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Every video you create for your business is an extension and expression of your brand, so it’s important that your content reflects your company identity and tells a story.

The easiest way to do this? Design a logo that pops in videos, and integrate it across your visual content to add credibility, cohesiveness, and opportunities for people to recall your brand.

Here are five tips for creating a powerful logo for videos: 

1. Aim for Simplicity

It’s no coincidence that the biggest brands have the simplest logos. Apple, Nike, McDonald’s — each of these are recognizable by a single icon. That’s because simple logos are easy for the eye to take in and remember.

Video is already a busy-looking medium, so you don’t want small design details to get lost on screen. Stick to one or two colours and minimal words when creating a logo that will be used in videos. During your logo creation process, make revisions that narrow down the key elements and get rid of clutter.

2. Keep Different Mediums in Mind

Your content will change over time, but it’s best that your branding stays consistent. When designing your logo, remember that it will appear on many different mediums with different visual outcomes. It may look great on your white business card, but how will it appear on a black slate at the beginning of a video, or over the video content itself? Envision or mock up your logo ideas over screenshots or images to get a sense of how they’ll appear.

Bold colours and easy-to-read typography are the best ways to ensure your logo pops no matter where it ends up. If you’re going for a more neutral palette, consider having two versions you can use interchangeably, like a white logo and a black logo.

3. Tell a Story

Your logo represents your business story. If you’re planning to start your video with that logo, it needs to set the tone for your brand and make an impact right away. 

Ask yourself what the single most important trait of your business is. Keep that in mind when designing your logo, and make sure it’s cohesive with what you’re planning to say in your video content. The typography you select, the colours you use, and the icons you include communicate a lot about your business — don’t overlook them! And if you’re using other text in your video, you’ll want to make sure it matches the logo and fits with what’s happening on screen.

4. Add Animation

While this step isn’t necessary, using a simple animation in your logo adds tremendous production value to your video. The eye is naturally attracted to movement, so you can use that to your advantage and start your video off strong.

This step doesn’t mean spending hundreds of dollars to create a complicated and elaborate animation — even a simple push or zoom-in can do the trick. After you create your logo, you can experiment with animation with the help of YouTube tutorials and programs like Adobe After Effects. 

5. Play with Sound

An “audio logo” can be an effective tool for establishing your brand and getting people to remember your company. Sound has a profound effect on memory and is an easy way to create a particular association with your brand.

Think about the classic three-note chime from NBC’s branding over the years or the iconic lion’s roar of MGM. That roar represents power and fearlessness, two things that are integral to the brand. Think about what message you may want your sound to convey, and find audio cues to express that message after you finalize a logo — a resource like Soundsnap can be helpful for sound inspiration. 

Remember: If you’re planning on creating video content for your brand, make sure to design a logo that’s simple and adaptable — it’s a key part of adding visual consistency and recognition across channels.

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Madelaine Sawyers is the Account Coordinator for Signature Video Group, a video production company and creative agency based in Toronto, Ontario. Find out how they can help you make your mark with video by visiting signaturevideogroup.com.

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