3 Quick Ways To Spruce Up Your Social Media Pages

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New social media features and updates roll out all the time, making it easy for users to overlook them. Some of simplest feature updates, like animated profile pictures, multi-image posts, or customized Facebook tabs, can make a big difference in your company’s online presence without any extra effort necessary.

Check out these simple social media hacks to upgrade your brand’s social media pages.

Moving Profile Images

Decorating a page with GIFs and videos is a straightforward way for companies to attract more followers. Now all the major social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and public blog platforms, like Medium support animated media as a page’s profile picture.

The coolest way to approach this update is with Boomerangs. Boomerangs are relatively new, and the style of motion they present is distinct and eye-catching.

Making a Boomerang involves downloading the Boomerang app (iOS / Android), which snaps a series of three photos, which play in a continuously looped sequence without audio. Instagram produced the Boomerang app, which works on both iOS and Android devices.

From inside the app, users can share and upload their Boomerangs directly to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more. Those interested in switching out a still profile photo for a moving image would be smart to make the moving image a Boomerang GIF.

While the clip may only run a short length of less than a second, the media plays in a loop, 4-5 times, making the clip concise, short, and easy to preview within the small dimensions of a profile picture window. Viewers don’t want to be overloaded with a long media clip as your profile picture, thus making a Boomerang the best solution.

Boomerang Tip:

To get access to great Boomerang edit features, Instagram users can also record Boomerangs inside the Instagram Stories section. Instagram Stories only last for 24 hours before your content disappears, but you can save your Boomerangs to your phone’s camera roll before uploading them to your Instagram Story.

The benefit of making a Boomerang inside Instagram Stories is the access to all of the Stories’ edit features: marker writing, overlaid stickers, emojis, image filters, and more. After saving it to your camera roll, click out of your Instagram Story with or without publishing the Boomerang. There is no need to add the GIF to your Story if you only want to download it. Now you can share the GIF wherever you want. This whole process takes 5 minutes or less, to create, edit, and share fun, dynamic content.

Customize Facebook Tabs

The tabs provided on Facebook company pages are customizable in many ways. You can access the list of tabs by clicking “Manage Tabs” in the lefthand sidebar.

The order of your Facebook tabs dictates the order that your company content will appear on your page. For example, if the “Videos” tab is the first in the tabs list, then your pages selection of videos will be featured at the top of your Facebook page before any images or posts.

For online shops, put the “Shops” tab at the top of the list to present any popular merchandise first, directing page visitors to shop.


To further customize your page presentation, peruse the Facebook page templates inside Edit Page Settings to find a template that provides the CTA buttons and tabs that coincide with your company offerings. Your Facebook company page can display, front and center, any popular services or offerings.

Finally, tabs can also integrate other social media platforms with your Facebook company page. To add an Instagram tab or Twitter tab, for example, search for the app tab on Facebook, like Instatab, and download it.

Integrating other social pages consolidates your company presence on Facebook and increases exposure to your other profiles. For further instructions on how to add these tabs to your page, use this step-by-step walkthrough.
Customizing the page correctly, so it’s more visually stunning and functional, improves your brand exposure on the platform.

Multi-Image Posts


Usually, Instagram users capture an event with one carefully selected photo with a caption. The new multi-image post feature give the story behind each post more detail. Companies can add up to 10 photos to adequately present a business event or guide followers through a tutorial.

Multi-image posts are also available on Facebook and Twitter. A good tip is to mix a variety of media (video clips, boomerangs, and stills) all in one multi-image post to present a detailed story in one post. These detailed posts better personalize your social content, and your followers will appreciate this. Multi-image posts are an easy way to strengthen the customer-brand relationship.

Upgrade your company’s social media performance using one or all of these simple edits. Your pages will be more customized, more unique, and will improve your company’s overall digital presence.



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