Logojoy Company Spotlight: 10weekwinter, Golden Dreams Candle Co., SOCIALMEANS

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Welcome to the second instalment of our Company Spotlight series! We here at Logojoy love getting to know our customers, what inspires them, and what their goals are.  Check out the three great companies we’ve selected for May’s spotlight!


Richard H.

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What makes your company unique, and how is that portrayed in your logo?

10weekwinter provides strategic and operations consulting services to businesses in the winter sport industry. We focus on tailoring year-round solutions for businesses that are dependent on winter weather for their success. We offer guidance and experience on ski operations, events, youth programming, finances, snow biking, snow shoeing and other winter sport and recreation activities.

Our name grew out of a recognition that winter seasons are shifting and changing globally.  Sustainable and flexible businesses prepare for the unexpected and plan for success.

What company values does your logo represent?

Sustainable, Flexible, Focussed, Professional, Reliable, Dedicated

What made you choose Logojoy to design your own logo?

I wanted to give Logojoy a try before I spent several hundred dollars (or more) on a designer.  I liked what resulted, so I bought it!  I was looking for a professional image that reflected our purpose and values.


Golden Dreams Candle Co.

Jessica H.


What makes your company unique, and how is that portrayed in your logo?

Golden Dreams is a unique candle company, as it is based on simplicity, happiness, and the pursuit of one’s dreams. The logo for my company, provided by Logojoy, depicts this with a classy font, gold color scheme, and image that portrays love and community in the simplest, best ways.

What company values does your logo represent?

Golden Dreams is a company that was founded on my personal values and encouraging everyone who encounters us to follow their
own dreams or personal mission. Our logo portrays this message along with these values: elegant, reliable, community, kindness, success, and overall great service.

What made you choose Logojoy to design your own logo?

My business is centered around creativity and expressing oneself. This main idea behind my company is the sole reason I designed my own logo. It is important as the founder of this company, that personal creativity shines through every aspect of Golden Dreams. This allows each customer to see the value behind our products, as well as, follows our mission of encouraging people to pursue their dreams in this one life.



Geoff B.

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What makes your company unique and how is that portrayed in your logo?

We are a simple, beautiful and powerful analytics platform for Instagram influencers. Our goal is to provide a platform from which influencers can grow their reach and Logojoy created a logo that perfectly embodies that growth that we want every user to experience when using our platform.

What company values does your logo represent?

Elegant, simple growth

What made you choose Logojoy to design your own logo?

It was difficult to accurately verbalize what we wanted. I think that is the beauty of Logojoy, I was able to get out of my own head and my own self imposed constraints and let someone else do the work. The difference was that that someone else was a series of prompts that simplified the process and managed to deliver excellent results.

We would like to thank our friends at 10weekwinter, Golden Dreams Candle Co, and SOCIALMEANS for taking the time to share their stories. As always, if you’d like to be featured on our Company Spotlight series, be sure to email us at support@ to find out how.

Our next Company Spotlight feature will be published on June 13th, 2017.

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