25 Ways to Market Your Business on a Budget

Cameron Cameron


Starting a business is always an investment. Of course, the bigger the investment, the better. But most of us don’t have that luxury. Below, we have researched, sourced and listed the top ways to market your business without breaking the bank.

1. Blog. Blog. Blog!

Creating relevant content that your consumers will benefit from is always a go to. Blogging is the cheapest, most efficient way to keep readers and consumers engaged and up to date with what’s going on with your business and the industry. Sites like WordPress and Square space are super easy to get you started on

2. Speak at workshops, seminars and expos.

Use these to your advantage, it is great way for you to talk first hand about your business while meeting current and future customers and building credibility

3. Social Media Marketing

Using as many handles as you possibly can, without going overboard, is a great, easy and very cheap way to be in the ‘know’ with the industry. People like being a part of something viral, so if you are consistently sharing, posting, and commenting, you will quickly build a bigger following.

Hootsuite and Buffer are great platforms to organize your posts accordingly.  We love buffer, so here’s a short little breakdown to get you hooked!

4. Display Customer Testimonials

Once your customers have purchased, simply ask them for their feedback and showcase their success stories on your website.

5. Optimize your website for mobile

With more consumers actively browsing from their smartphones rather than a computer, having a mobile site is one of the most crucial marketing tips that will either make you or break you.

Here is a quick link that allows you to check to see how mobile friendly your site is/needs to be! https://search.google.com/search-console/mobile-friendly

6. Personal Branding

Have items such as t-shirts, coffee mugs, hats etc. made with your logo. Wearing these items, yourself, will tie together the relation between a product and the creator.

7. Email Marketing

Sending newsletters and promotions to new customers will remind them that you care about their business, and to returning customers you let them know your appreciation.

8. Referral Program

Word of mouth is the biggest form of advertising. Compensate those with a discount of some sort who refer others to your product.

9. Celebrate Company Milestones

Celebrate company birthdays and holidays with customers by sending them special messages and promotions.

10. Run Google AdWords Campaign

Okay so, not ALL marketing is low budget or free. Google AdWords is a great tool to start getting yourself familiarized with, bidding on keywords can enhance your credibility when users are searching for a product you are offering.

Here we have a link we like to call “AdWords for Dummies” it helped us when we first started, and we like to consider ourselves pros! Just click, download, read and we promise you will have it mastered! https://cdn2.hubspot.net/hubfs/53/How_to_Use_Google_AdWords.pdf?t=1484753927122

11. Educate

Educate customers about your business. Keep them up to date with what’s changing, where the company is headed, big dates to look forward to and so on. Always keep them up to date using social media, blogging, and email marketing.

12. Create a logo

This should always be one of the first steps, your company logo should be an exact representation of everything your business stands for. There are many ways to do this, you can check out our blog on Logo Breakdown for more information and expertise.

Were a little biased, but here is a great link to get you started with the best logo you will ever create www.

13. Infographics

Creating info graphics on your website is a great way to visually connect and execute your businesses’ story for your customers. Posting info-graphics on all or most of your outlets will allow for a larger audience to view your story, and therefor creating a bigger audience for yourself.

For those of you not so familiar with info-graphics, here are two of the platforms we use to help get us started from time to time https://www.canva.com/create/infographics/ and https://venngage.com/

14. Customer Loyalty Program

Once a customer has made a purchase, don’t forget about them! Continue to keep up with customer promotions and referrals to encourage return business.

15. Photos and Videos on all Social Media

You have about eight seconds to engage your viewers and with more and more studies showing social media posts with multimedia (pictures, GIFs, videos) get more interaction, this is a very efficient way to capture your customers.

16. Great customer service

People want to know that they are not getting ripped off. If they have questions, they want answers. Make sure you are responding to your customers needs within 24 hours.

17. Live chat

This is a way to ensure your customers can reach you, have a chat centre where your customers can reach you at anytime during their visit to your website. Again, be sure to answer them in timely fashion.

18. Join Quora

This is not only for you to market your business to customers, this is an outlet for yourself to keep yourself educated and up to date with all the current and future happenings. You should be reading Quora at least once a day. Wake up, read, repeat. As for your business, answer as many questions as you can, gaining confidence in your expertise and drive traffic to your website.


19. Guest Blogging

This allows you to give away content on a site that is ranked higher than yours, and ensures exposure of yourself and your business.

20. Create a Contest/Giveaway

People love free goods, offering them packages/products at no cost will get your consumers to share, like, repost and talk about your business.

21. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Supporting anything from a charity to a social cause to giving back to the environment shows you care about something more than just your own business. This generates free media coverage and allows you for certain taxation benefits in the long run.

22. Article Marketing

Depending on your business, getting in touch with magazines, newspapers and other platforms that are in the same industry as you for coverage and running your stories, is a great way to get your name and story out there to a bigger, already established audience.

23. Go where your competition has never been

Wayne Gretzky once said “Skate to where the puck is going to be, not to where it’s already been.” Do your research, see where your competitors are, where they have been, and where they haven’t been. Get more leads and more coverage. Be the best, and the first.

24. Be consistent

Consistency is key. If someone reads one thing on your website, they want to know it is going to be the same on all your social media handles. Be sure to keep your content relevant to your product and business.

25. Be passionate

If you are passionate about your product and its value, it will sell itself.

Create a beautiful and unique logo for your business.